Go Red Devil Gin!

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After enjoying the Belgian Football team, the Red Devils, all the way up to the quarter finals, you can now also toast their success off the pitch with the introduction of Red Devil Gin. Together with Vineplus – a Belgian Distributor and initiator of the Red Devil project – Toorank developed not only the liquid but also the packaging and concept.

With a market volume  of 5,4 million litres, the gin & genever market is already a sizable market in Belgium and it is expected that it will gradually grow the next few years*. To stand out in the wide range of gins, Vineplus asked DGT to develop a very special gin with 11 botanicals. Unlike many competing gins, the 11 botanicals are all individually distilled  –this, to bring out the flavor of each individual botanical better.  Our Red Devil Gin is marked by the taste of fresh lemons and oranges, a hint of coriander and Jamaica pepper gives it a slightly spicy flavour. This makes it a truly unique gin.

The Red Devil’s design was chosen to highlight it flavor patterns and uniqueness. Or in the word’s of Toon Blij, founder of DGT “Together with Vineplus, we choose red as the main design color as it accentuates the Devil’s Spicy Flavour, copper distilling pots and the heat involved during the distillation process. By using a small front label and a two-side back label, we achieved a stunning  see-through effect.”

Also on the commercial side, the first sales results are encouraging. It is available in more than 300 retail outlets in Belgium. Also on social media the product is very well received.

* Source: Canadean ‘Alcoholic Beverages Insights, Gin in Europe (& Belgium)’, June 22nd 2016

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