Largest Dutch Retailer Albert Heijn starts selling the first Super Premium Gin Tonic in Can

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The New Sloane’s Gin Tonic made with the award winning Sloane’s gin, will start going on sale in the largest Dutch premium retailer Albert Heijn from May 2016.  Sloane’s is the only gin to have won the double gold medal for best White Spirit and Best Gin at the same time with all 44 judges making their choice unanimous. Sloane’s Gin Tonic is being launched by the Dutch craft distiller Toorank – with more than 140 international awards-one of the most awarded distillers in the World.

The Sloane’s gin and tonic in can is ideal for the more discerning cosmopolitans consumer that want a super-premium drink on the go or for the BBQ, picnic, evening out or just to unwind on the train after a long day in the office.  In the words of Saif Bari from the Global Market and Trend Research Agency Canadean: “The Sloane’s premium gin tonic taps seamlessly into the  trends of indulgence and the seeking of higher quality products – consumers are looking for more better tasting and more innovative products.”

To ensure that the Sloane’s gin and tonic gives the real gin tonic drinking experience, the abv is 10% – like a gin tonic mixed in a glass. According to Canadean, “87% of UK consumers agree that flavour is an important when choosing a new alcoholic beverage which they have never tried before”. And 56% of drinkers state that “better taste” would encourage them to pay more for their favourite alcoholic drink.

Furthermore, as a smaller craft brand and product, Sloane’s gin and tonic taps into the greater need for authenticity and heritages that Sloane’s offers.

Sloane’s gin gets it’s unique taste from having all nine botanicals each individually distilled – unlike most other gins that distill all their botanicals in the same pot in one go -in the words of Toon Blij, the founder of Toorank: “We wanted to creates something very special and unique that brings out all the different flavors from the best botanicals. Each botanical has its own distilling trajectory or temperature range. If you put all the botanicals in a pot together you get an average distilling trajectory that does not bring out the flavor of each botanical optimally. That is why we first distill each botanical separately and them mix them. And we wanted to bring out the taste of the oranges better – to give it a more fresh taste – as such, we choose to distill fresh whole oranges and lemons and not just the peel – what most of our competitors do”,

According to Canadean data the market for spirits in cans in the UK is a massive 92 million cans in 2015* and is expected to further grow with 3.5% in 2016. In addition, Canadean’s Consumer research also shows that there is a strong trend in the industry for “premiumisation” of RTD drinks (ready to drink, flavored alcoholic beverages)**. Consumers are searching for not only new but also more premium drinking experiences. The launch of the premium Gin Tonic in Can fits seamlessly into this trend.

For more information concerning Sloane’s Gin and Tonic in a can. Please contact:
Martin Schiere
+31 6 55 30 82 16

Market Data sources
*Canadean market data, 2016
** Canadean: Consumer and Innovation Trends in Flavored Alcoholic Beverages 2014

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