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27 March 2018




A senior management change at Toorank has led to the decision to retire the ‘Dutch Spirits’ brand and bring the whole group back under the Toorank umbrella.

New Toorank Managing Director, Natal da Graça comments: “There has been a period of change at Toorank over the last couple of years. However, while Dutch Spirits was a well-designed brand image we felt it didn’t encapsulate the true nature and international strategy of the Toorank business.”

Former MD Andy Mallows left the company in January 2018. Da Graça continues: “On reflection, the rebrand was felt to be more like a very nice new jacket, but one that didn’t really fit the company. Toorank is a company with more than 25 years of history in the market, with a presence not only in The Netherlands, but also in Poland and the UK and with a range of products from all over the globe. Therefore the “Dutch” signature in the name was not a good fit for the company. This was felt strongly by both customers and employees alike”

Since owner Toon Blij bought Toorank from Metaxa in 1990, the business has grown to become a truly global player, trading in over 50 markets worldwide, and is renowned for producing award-winning spirits.

Da Graça adds: “Our significant presence at ProWein was pivotal for Toorank and we took the opportunity to relaunch Toorank on the global stage and unveil a new look for one of our key premium brands, Sloane’s Gin. Clients were highly supportive of the name change and we experienced an extremely successful trade show.”

On the Sloane’s redesign, Da Graça said: “The redesign marks the beginning of exciting plans to develop a premium line of spirits that sits above the company’s house brands.”

Toorank continues to produce liquid for its own premium brands, such as Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin, as well as for an extensive list of over 300 challenger, third party and private label brands.



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