Together with Albert Heijn, DGT developed a unique nut alcoholic drinks range

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In partnership with Albert Heijn (AH), the largest Dutch retailer, Distilleries Group Toorank (DGT) is introducing a unique Italian nuts based liqueur range –Trizanti. The range consists of three exclusive  drinks, Noce Miele (Walnut-Honey), Nocciola (Hazelnut) and Amaretto (Almond). In developing the Trizanti range, AH & DGT reacted to a consumer demand for new drinking experiences and innovative alcoholic beverages that push the flavour boundaries. On the Dutch market the Trizanti range is exclusively sold in Albert Heijn.

The Noce Miele and Nocciola flavours were developed from scratch next to the already existing Amaretto flavour. The Noce Miele gives the discerning consumer a new flavour perspective delightfully mixing the bitter walnut taste with the sweet taste of Honey. Nocciola combines deliciously toasted hazelnut and sweet vanilla notes. An additional benefit of the Trizanti range is that it is suitable for people with nut allergies.

As it fits seamlessly into the latest drink trends of honey and nuts, the Trizanti range is surprisingly contemporary and fashionable. According to the global market research agency Canadean, 57% of global spirit consumers* enjoy experimenting with different alcoholic beverage flavors.

* Source: Canadean: State of the Spirits Industry, November 2015

To visit you must be of the legal drinking age in your country.